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Journaling to Create Order Out of Chaos

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I hope the following list of my favorite basic journal uses will provide you some constructive ways to use your Journal or Traveler’s Notebook for your success. 

Traveler’s Notebooks - 7 Helpful Tips for Beginners

A5 Tan leather traveler's notebook with paper inserts

You have learned about this great new planning/journaling system - The Traveler’s Notebook.  You’re so excited and you would like to buy all the things and get started but you don’t know where to begin. What type of inserts would I use? How many inserts do I need? What size should I buy?

B6 Slim Planner Cover/Traveler's Notebook Information

B6 Slim Planner Cover/Traveler's Notebook Information
All B6 Slim books and inserts are not created alike.  Many are different sizes.  Here are a couple and how you can use our traveler's notebooks and planner covers with them.

5 Journaling Hacks to Get Un-Stuck and Keep You Going When You Have Nothing to Write About

5 Journaling Hacks for traveler's notebooks
These are a few of my favorite tips to help overcome times of getting stuck or unmotivated in journaling.

What Bassy & Co Leather Items We Carry Every Day

leather traveler's notebook leather wallet card sleeve
If you are interested in the everyday leather items we carry and what we use them for, watch this video from our YouTube channel.

Understanding Add-Ons at Bassy & Co

Understanding Add-Ons at Bassy & Co
There are a lot of options in our shop to upgrade or enhance your traveler's notebook or planner cover.  Here is a video to help you navigate and understand all of the options we offer.

Restringing Your Traveler's Notebook

Restringing Your Traveler's Notebook
Most traveler's notebooks have 4 or more elastic strings that hold the insert books in the cover.  There may come a time when you need to change them from wear, or your would like a change and have decided on a different color elastic.  Maybe, you have conditioned your cover and need to put the elastics back into the cover.  Here is a video that will give you step by step instructions on how to put the elastics back into your cover.

How to Keep Your Leather In Great Condition

There are many ways to take care of your precious leather products. Here is our recommended care and conditioning process for leather items.  This will keep them in great shape and able to serve you for many years to come.

How Was Bassy & Co Born?

The Bassy & Co journey into travelers notebooks and journals began with a cross country vacation and our family's use of TNs to write about our adventure. Little did we know that the journey would never end. Bullet Journaling (BUJO) has become the source of our adventures.