Traveler’s Notebooks - 7 Helpful Tips for Beginners

Traveler’s Notebooks - 7 Helpful Tips for Beginners

You have learned about this great new planning/journaling system - The Traveler’s Notebook.  You’re so excited and you would like to buy all the things and get started but you don’t know where to begin. What type of inserts would I use? How many inserts do I need? What size should I buy?

Here are 7 simple things to keep in mind when setting up the inserts in your TN.

1. Start simple.

Ease into it. There are lots of different types of TN’s on the market now. Some hold only 1 or two inserts, others can hold up to 8 or even 10. Begin slowly. Just choose a few to start. Use one book as a personal journal or bullet journal, use another for your yearly or monthly calendar or planner, use the third for list or note taking, and the fourth for your checkbook register.

2. Don’t be afraid to make changes. 

If you find you don’t use one of the inserts you chose, switch out that insert for a new one that works for you.  There are some great coloring inserts, use an insert for sketching, or maybe an insert for learning a new language. The system is so flexible, the possibilities are endless. 

3. Remember - What works for someone else may not work for you. 

If one traveler’s notebook set up worked for your friend and you just can’t make it work for you, that is okay. Again, it is flexible and can be made into anything you would like.

4. Make it personal.

It would be as easy as choosing paper that feels good to you. Find or make insert covers from your favorite characters or movies. If you love bees, put bee stickers throughout your notebook to make it yours.

5. Add a splash of fun.  

Accessories for your TN are a great way to add to your personalization and make you smile. Nothing says it has to be black and white.  Choose colors you like or add some stickers. If you love to make crafty items, look online for all of the fun things you can make for your TN, like pockets or dashboards.  Add a charm, a great page marker, or a clip.  There are tons of accessories on places like Etsy or Amazon to choose from.

6. Think outside the box. 

Many people use their TN’s for things you may never think of.  The internet is full of ideas. Someone I know uses one for their budgeting system.  It has multiple envelopes and inserts that keep track of their budgets and house their receipts and cash. Maybe you have some health concerns.  Keep track of notes, visits, or tests in your traveler’s notebook.  There really isn’t an end to the possible uses.

7. Don’t be afraid to eventually use multiple TN’s for various purposes.  

One could be for your creative side - sketching, stories, books or plays you want to keep track of.  Another could be your wallet. A great home for your planner or notebooks. A small Passport or A6 size TN could house your cards, cash, and be a great place to keep your thoughts in line. A Mini is a great choice to keep in the glove compartment of your car for keeping track of mileage and errands.

leather traveler's notebook with front pocket

Don't forget - The Traveler’s Notebook is a valuable, flexible, evolving, personal system that works in so many different ways. Start simple and slow. Make it personal and fun.