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***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons
***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons
***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons
***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons
***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons

***Limited*** Jamberry Leather Add-ons

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*****Add-0ns for Jamberry leather Traveler Notebooks and Planner/Notebook Covers Only

May be added at the time of purchase only.  Add to the cart along with the cover you desire and purchase at the same time.

Add-on details:

Snap details:

  • Constructed of 5 oz Chrome-tanned leather
  • 1.25" wide
  • Double-sewn for security
  • Can be added to all covers
  • Traveler's Notebooks - Executive Covers snap will be sewn in and Traditional snap will be installed with two rivets
  • Constructed with the same leather as your cover
  • Natural edges add to the character
  • One snap included
  • Length of snap band is the measurement of the opening from front to back cover.

Leather Spine Details:

  • 5 oz Jamberry. chrome-tanned leather
  • Regular: 1.25" width, length of cover Wide: 1.5" width, length of cover, X-Wide 1.75" wide
  • Rich variations and textures
  • Measures height of notebook purchased
  • Hand-sewn to outside of cover spine

Full Pocket Details:

  • Full-size, side- load pocket on front or back of cover
  • Constructed with 5 oz Jamberry, chrome-tanned leather
  • Hand-stitched to the cover with heavy thread while your cover is constructed
  • Natural edges add to the character

Front Pocket Details:

  • 2-3 oz Jamberry Chrome-tanned leather
  • Contains rich variations and textures
  • Pen Pocket measures 3x5"
  • Small pocket measures 4x4.5"
  • Medium pocket measures 4.5x5"
  • Large pocket measures 5.5x6"
  • Hand-sewn to front cover in bottom right corner